Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Help little Mejsi fight tumor!

Mejsi is an Albanian little girl only 2-year-old who suffers from a rare tumor that threatens to take her young life if not operated on time in a specialized hospital outside of Albania.
Mejsi’s history begins when one year ago after a routine examination her parents learned she had a rare cancer. With no access to specialized medical treatment in Albania, Mejsi’s parents who are both unemployed, have finished all their life savings to save this little angel’s life with no success so far. 
There is only one ray of hope, to bring Mejsi to a specialized clinic where this type of medical intervention would cost around Euro 40,000.
I ask all Albanian community around the world and those who want to contribute to save little Mejsi, that even 1 dollar or 1 Euro will help save this little girl.
You can contribute directly by sending your contribution at Banka Credins: Acc# 000000460931 (in Euro) or call the parents of little Mejsi at Tel# +355-693737533.
Or those of you who use *PLUS cellphones you can help Little Mejsi by sending an SMS of only 120 Lek to 50001 with text: Mejsi, Faleminderit!
Thank you
Pandeli Majko